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On the site, you will find lots of different training modules to guide you through the basic techniques of the PDR skill for those with no prior experience, through to advanced repair work.

Primarily, this website is for you guys to learn the art of PDR in order for you to offer your services to your customers and earn a good living! If your already working as a PDR Tech the site will also allow you to add to/improve your skill set and help you advance the success of your business.

Get full access to our dedicated team of high level PDR trainers who bring to you all the uncut secrets, hacks and methods that got us to the top of the Paintless Dent Removal industry!

I hope you like the site and we look forward to training you!

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Real World Results

Just completed the beginners training course with Aaron and can safely say I chose the right course when looking around, Aaron has an excellent amount of knowledge and experience. I would highly recommend this course to anyone thinking of getting in to paintless dent removal! Thanks Aaron!

Shaun - Smart Sprayz

I’ve done both the beginner and advanced courses with Aaron and can honestly say, with 12 years in the automotive repair industry that I’ve never come across someone with so much passion and knowledge. He really makes it easy to get your head around the skill that’s involved in PDR. Mentors like Aaron are hard to come by. I guarantee that you will finish the training course brimming with confidence and enthusiasm to progress in the world of PDR.


Hello everyone I am From Cyprus and I just carry out beginners training with Aaron. It was amazing experience and I learn more than I could think about. Now I am ready for my work in Cyprus and I am filling confident that I can get the job done like a professional. Thank you very much Aaron!!!


I enrolled on the online training site with Aaron. I have now completed the beginners course and the additional advanced course after that. Aaron has a great knowledge of PDR through his extensive experience and gave great advice not only on techniques and panel access but giving you the ability to spot previous bodywork repairs that PDR tools could cause damage to saving you from disappointing results further down the line. I cannot recommend The Dent Men training enough

Kyle - KB PDR Ltd 

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